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How Our 22 Month-Old Joined School, With No Tears

Your little one’s first time away from home is every parent’s ache. Whether for babies, toddlers, preschoolers or your new kindergartener, the ache is real.   How long will she bawl? Who will comfort her? Will she be cuddled, maybe until her sobs subside? Will she be too distracted to eat? If not, she might […]

Our Virtual Village™ Has Launched!

When it comes to raising children, knowledge is power. Now, that power is yours. We are proud to present the launch of Our Virtual Village™!   With Our Virtual Village™, there’s finally a place to get your questions answered. On this platform, “everyday experts” and specialists from our global community can share tips about everything from pre-pregnancy […]

Fundraiser Campaign – Support This Virtual Village

Calling the village to support this campaign!   We are so very grateful to the 13 generous individuals who have donated $752 (updated). Please click on Indiegogo Generosity Campaign & GoFundMe campaign to see details. Thank you very much Prita Lal, Heather Ronemus, Warren Wright, Anita Fiest, Anthea Jackson, Pooja Rajpal, Kabir Gupta and Sujata […]

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