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1. Natural Birth – 127 tips and warnings from moms!

Home, birth center & hospital births — Managing pain, breech, inductions etc.

2. Natural Solutions – Cold, Cough & Fever


3. Help Baby Sleep Through (Most Of) The Night


4. Breastfeeding – Increase Supply

Recent Blog post – Ancient Healing Wisdom In A Drop

Ancient Healing Wisdom … In A Drop!

Welcome to Part 3 of my all-natural healing journey (and I believe the last one for now 😊).   In Part 1 I shared how I developed fatigue and a host of other symptoms in spite of leading a pretty disciplined life. When symptoms are ignored, a small health problem can turn into a big […]

Our Virtual Village™ Has Launched!

When it comes to raising children, knowledge is power. Now, that power is yours. We are proud to present the launch of Our Virtual Village™!   With Our Virtual Village™, there’s finally a place to get your questions answered. On this platform, “everyday experts” and specialists from our global community can share tips about everything from pre-pregnancy […]

Fundraiser Campaign – Support This Virtual Village

Calling the village to support this campaign!   We are so very grateful to the 13 generous individuals who have donated $752 (updated). Please click on Indiegogo Generosity Campaign & GoFundMe campaign to see details. Thank you very much Prita Lal, Heather Ronemus, Warren Wright, Anita Fiest, Anthea Jackson, Pooja Rajpal, Kabir Gupta and Sujata […]

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