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Launch Our nonprofit mission is to provide a platform for “everyday experts” and specialists to share tips about health and family, and to create a convenient online catalogue of those tips encompassing reliable and diverse resources.


Inspired by the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” OVV™ – Our Virtual Village™ offers all-inclusive information in a single content sharing service where you need not endlessly seek answers. The shared tips and real life examples we gather from the global community and the carefully selected web resources are made available so that anyone can quickly find something useful. So everyone, this is our village, OUR VIRTUAL VILLAGE™ that you can come to when you are rushed and perplexed, where you can more easily find a solution, a direction, and a resource that speaks to you from among the diverse and valuable tips that suit a variety of families and caregivers.


Some of the most intuitive ideas are born right in the middle of a seemingly ordinary moment while raising a child. We each have our own personal triumphs over challenges with family health, getting pregnant, during pregnancy, and birthing and raising children and teens. Often, some “trivial” advice has provided immense relief in overcoming such hurdles. These are prized and valued aids that prove to be of utmost benefit. Some are generations old and have proven priceless to many. These days, when we stumble upon an empowering article, an uplifting video or a photo that gives us a chuckle, it can make a world of difference in our journey raising children. At OVV™, we endeavor to consolidate these helpful pointers from people around the world. These little grains of wisdom can guide many of us during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, and also during the invigorating yet sometimes turbulent journey in raising a child through teen years.


This is not a platform merely for moms. Dads and granddads – you play a central role since your unique approach is vital. Teachers and caregivers, your perspectives are also valuable so please join us here. We “everyday” experts have unique parenting styles and approaches toward children so there can be something that speaks to each of us that makes a difference to help raise a little one. All of this can help soothe a child’s cry or lessen a mother’s anguish, a dad’s bewilderment or a teacher’s or caregiver’s confusion.


Together we will create a legacy to preserve valuable knowledge and experience so that generations may thrive! Let us connect a little more and raise children together.

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