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We were not meant to raise children on our own. There are always instances when we are relieved to receive a much needed piece of advice from another parent or caregiver – perhaps something we may not have found easily from another source. At other times, we’ve had to figure out solutions on our own with much frustration, and we are all able to empathize with that experience. Through various phases sometimes starting from family health, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and birthing and raising a child, we struggle, cope and even triumph. There is always an abundance of new information through talking with family and friends and through reading books and online resources, and terrific parenting websites. Researching widely dispersed resources is time-consuming, but the knowledge we gain empowers us and startlingly increases our awareness. Our outlook can shift for the better and result in many positive experiences. These realizations resulted in OVV™ — Our Virtual Village™ founder, Sangitha P Lorenz, wishing that families with children could become more connected and have more support. She also wanted families and caregivers to have easy access to a trove of critical information while raising children. It takes a village to raise a child so she wished for a village that is more easily accessible to assist in the raising of children, even if it’s virtual. So, OVV™ evolved.


Our endeavor is to bridge that gap between having all the information on the internet at our fingertips, and yet not finding what we need. We women – our moms and grandmothers included – are naturally intuitive and resourceful, and possess wealth of wisdom. And we cannot forget dads and granddads, who have an incredible ability to be present in the moment and bring priceless value into a child’s life (oh, if one could only take a page from their book!). Yet, most of the sharing usually occurs only among immediate family and friends, or in isolated groups.


We “everyday” experts have unique parenting styles and approaches toward children, so there can be something of use here for everyone. On this platform, we do our best to share carefully selected, all-inclusive web resources and a collective abundance of precious bits of wisdom from our global community. We value insights learned during a seemingly ordinary moment as we raise a child, tried and tested practices, and wisdom passed on through generations, as well as from specialists.


We are women first, and also mothers. Like you, we too are passing or have passed through the different stages of womanhood – be it women’s health, planning of a family, that special time of pregnancy, being a new mother, and being a mom with a little more experience. We are professionals in early childhood education, literature, philosophy, science, communication, and corporate management. We wear other hats, too. Some of us lead local nonprofit groups for moms and have co-founded a nonprofit organization for young girls in the slums. We are talented in languages, urban farming, and yoga. We have traveled extensively and studied, worked and lived in various parts of the world – east, west, north and the land down under. This makes us celebrate diversity even more. We welcome women, men, parents of young children, grandparents, and anyone with little gifts from various backgrounds to help create a thriving village.


We are eager to optimize this platform, and when you take a moment to share your tested tips and real life experiences, you will touch several lives. It takes you and me – a village – to help raise a child.


We Thrive When We Share™

OVV™ — Our Virtual Village™ Team

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Our nonprofit mission is to provide a platform for “everyday experts” and specialists to share tips about health and family, and to create a convenient online catalogue of those tips encompassing reliable and diverse resources.


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