Our Virtual Village™ Has Launched!

When it comes to raising children, knowledge is power. Now, that power is yours. We are proud to present the launch of Our Virtual Village™!


With Our Virtual Village™, there’s finally a place to get your questions answered. On this platform, “everyday experts” and specialists from our global community can share tips about everything from pre-pregnancy to giving birth to raising children during their teenage years. That’s right — no more endless searches. Get all the information you need, and get it fast.


Our Virtual Village™ is all-inclusive and will contain time-tested tips, reliable articles, videos, podcasts, and even some humor. We want you to love this nonprofit platform!



Tips & Resources On Raising Children

Our growing community has already contributed some wisdom — check out these topics:

  1. Help Baby Sleep Through (Most Of) the Night
  2. Breastfeeding: Increase Supply


Here is a blog post from one of our “everyday experts”:  

On Lifestyle Changes With Nut Allergies – Sarah Hyson


Don’t miss insights from these amazing specialists:

  1. Yoga and Birth Preparation – Cheryl Bernadi
  2. 5 Things You Need to Know About Pregnancy Exercise – Tatum Rebelle
  3. A Psychology Teacher’s Perspective On Raising Teens – Yasmine Claire
  4. How Music Influences Young Learners – Kim Setser

How to Get Involved 


Feel free to start sharing tips right away in the comments section in any of the upcoming topics. If you prefer privacy in sensitive topics, you can conveniently switch to the unique privacy avatar feature and stay anonymous while sharing tips or in conversations. Set up your own Our Virtual Village™ account for the option to use the privacy avatar.


You can also share tips by connecting with us on Facebook, where we have organized closed and private groups that relate to moms, dads, pre-teens & teens, natural-minded, special needs, infertility, LBGTQ families, as well as a general group. Join any relevant groups to start requesting and sharing tips!


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Once again, Our Village Well Society is so proud to share Our Virtual Village™ with you.


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