Prenatal Yoga – Birth Preparation

Prenatal Yoga helps with circulation to the womb, mobility of joints and strengthening muscles. It also aids in decreasing the discomfort of sciatica and lower back pain. Visualization and special breathing exercises help with stress reduction and birth preparation. Prenatal yoga also includes special exercises for the pelvis and the pelvic floor to specifically prepare you for the big day… the birth of your baby!


      • Prenatal yoga classes take into account physiological, energetic & emotional considerations during pregnancy, labor and delivery:
      • Gentle work of Hatha yoga techniques and life-enhancing breath work
      • Rhythmical movements for the pelvis
      • Posture, breath-work, vocal toning, relaxation, meditation, and visualization
      • Restorative poses that will help relieve common discomforts experienced during pregnancy
      • Quiet time for prenatal bonding


What you can expect:


      • Develop confidence in your body for birth
      • Practice ways to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy
      • Practice healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety
      • Make supportive connections with others


Beneficial Aspects of a Prenatal Yoga Class


Prenatal yoga focuses on toning pelvic floor muscles.  These “hammock muscles” become the “birthing muscles” by increasing their elasticity for birthing.  We learn to recognize, isolate, and activate the muscles to use effectively during birth.   We also make use of breath and specific postures to control the pelvic floor muscles, and to increase the effect of uterine contractions while keeping the rest of the body relaxed.


Yoga practice helps the woman release fear and tension as the baby is being born. Instead of relying on willpower to feel in control during pregnancy and birth, yoga can be used to help the woman listen to her body and respond calmly. Relaxation exercises with deep breathing are an effective way to soothe discomforts or disturbing emotions early, before they require further intervention. Greater awareness of breathing rhythms can be nurturing, creating a sense of well-being and contentment that extends through the woman to the baby, the partner and the family. In these classes, we learn to adapt poses in pregnancy, using strong leg positions to promote overall strength and stability. We include movement to avoid tension and strain and to create greater ease, enjoyment, and a feeling of lightness. Some modifications include keeping knees slightly bent to ensure good spinal alignment while standing, keeping feet slightly apart in Tadasana (standing mountain pose), avoiding strong abdominal twists, avoiding holding the breath, and avoiding holding poses too long as that may strain tissues.





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CherylAbout The Writer:

Cheryl Bernardi LLC  is trained as a Yoga Therapist through the Swiss Yoga Association and has been teaching yoga since 1998, where she also studied prenatal yoga and baby yoga. She is the former owner/director of Birthlight Zurich, center for prenatal and postnatal yoga, the first of its kind in Switzerland achieving excellent results with “Birth Rehearsal for Partners.”  Cheryl helps provide a holistic body-mind approach, through yoga, movement, breath, meditation, pain management skills, therapeutic massage, doula services and lactation counseling.

She is Yoga Alliance accredited E-RYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher) teacher –

She lives in Naples, USA.



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