Your Support In Raising Children – Our Virtual Village™!

Remember the times you were concerned…


“What else can I try to make my baby sleep longer?”


“How can I get my toddler to eat eggs?”


“What are the different school options for my preschooler?”


“My son is about to hit puberty. I can’t get myself to talk about it!”


“My teen daughter is suddenly secretive and I am worried.”


You struggled, you tried and you were tested. At those times, you found your triumphant moments –or sometimes not. With each struggle, your understanding grew of that particular child during that particular phase. In retrospect, you know now that, even if you felt at that time like you failed, that the journey was not in vain. Now, these triumphs can be shared with an entire growing village. The lessons learned, the wisdom, ideas, resources and even warnings may be just what another parent is earnestly seeking.


Together, we build this resource. You and I. We are the everyday experts. We can make the difference. So instead of a parent worrying for solutions, they can come to Our Virtual Village™ and find a answer more easily. Those small and big triumphs that are part of our everyday life-that really informative video you watched and that eye opening blog post. These are your prized possessions that are waiting to be shared.


The topic menu is specially designed so that you can come across options and important information even if you are not specifically looking for it.


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Our Village Well Society is an IRS approved non profit 501(c)(3) organisation.


We Thrive When We Share™

Our Virtual Village Team

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2 thoughts on “Your Support In Raising Children – Our Virtual Village™!”

Tamara Chilver

Love your concept! The best advice I received raising my five children was from fellow moms. Excited to see your site launch and help others.

globe-tmOur Virtual Village™

We very much appreciate your enthusiasm Tamara, thank you. We are excited to see a growing virtual village. Your resource will come handy for many families.

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